Self-improvement litmus test


Whenever I spend an extended amount of time around my family (say, more than twenty minutes…), it makes me think about how prone we are to do great things in the world while neglecting relationships with family members and those close to us.

The United States spends almost forty billion (billion) dollars annually on foreign aid and yet you can find veterans sleeping under overpasses and suffering from PTSD. We generously support projects on and but we’ll pass homeless people on the street without a second thought. [This is a false equivalency I realize, but I’ll just deny having written that if you ever call me out in public.]

Drake put it like this in a song called The Resistance (oh, the irony):

I heard they just moved my grandmother to a nursin’ home
And I be actin’ like I don’t know how to work a phone
But hit “redial”, you’ll see that I just called
Some chick I met at the mall that I barely know at all, and…

It’s great that we can meet the needs of so many people, but we shouldn’t neglect the home front.