The impossible balance

I spent much of the day (yesterday) with a client who loves her business.

She calls herself “insanely courageous” and I can understand why. From the heartbreaking stories of her upbringing, to the overachieving nature she took on in her academics, to the fact that she now invest 50% of profits back into the business — my client is anything but ordinary.

The impossible balance she’s struck involves doing what she loves every day, creating lasting change in the lives of those served by her business, and being compensated fairly for it.

I know plenty of people who hate what they do for a living but are compensated quite handsomely.

I know plenty of people who create lasting change, but would be in trouble pretty quickly if they missed a paycheck.

I know plenty of people who make plenty of money, but add very little value to anyone’s lives.

Melissa didn’t get where she is by chance or by interviewing her way to the position, or by just praying very earnestly for it to be that way. She has worked extremely hard to get where she is, and she never settled along the way when easier paths were available.

I’d love to see more “heart-centered” businesses receiving recognition and providing a framework for other businesses to follow. It’s a beautiful thing to see up close.

Some people are deterred by the impossible. Others specialize in it.

Willie Jackson is a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Consultant & Facilitator with ReadySet, a boutique consulting firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is a frequent writer and speaker on the topics of workplace equity, global diversity, and inclusive leadership. Connect on LinkedIn or get in touch.

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