Keynote Speaker • Consultant & Facilitator

My work consists of inspiring audiences to take action, designing and implementing robust L&D (Learning & Development) programs, and bringing interesting people together to discuss STEM innovation and the future of work. After my first corporate tour of duty as an IT Consultant with Accenture, I spent the intervening decade working with teams and organizations to advance vital conversations, and unlock human potential in tech, publishing, and media.

I’ve taken a project-based approach to my career and thrive on the outermost edges of my comfort zone. I love facilitating conversations across differences and tackling thorny challenges with values-aligned professionals. I currently split my time between Oakland, California and Brooklyn, New York for talks, workshops, and events.

I’d love to facilitate an Ally Skills workshop for your team. You can read about the framework here. Drop me a note for pricing and availability.

What can we work on together?

Biased praise I’m delighted to share:

“Topics of diversity, inclusion, and empathy in the workplace are always complex and challenging to address, which makes it all the more remarkable that Willie Jackson is able to do so with seemingly effortless clarity and grace. His sessions have been a major highlight of our events, with attendees telling us they’ve walked away with both new perspectives as well as real and actionable insights they can bring into a professional setting. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

—Nick Baily, Co-Founder, From Day One & Founder, Complex Ventures

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