Driven by Legacy


One of the reasons I quit my job last year is because the trajectory I was on became more and more divergent from the legacy I wanted to leave. I had no interest in climbing the corporate ladder, giving 18 years and three marriages to the corporate behemoth in exchange for a BMW convertible and big house, and most of all, I didn’t want the lifestyle that came with the corporate grind.

I didn’t want to be sitting around a Christmas tree 40 years from now with my kids and grandkids, wishing I had spent more time with them while I was toiling away for The Man™ and reflecting on my unfulfilled dreams, regretting I hadn’t tried harder when I was younger (and had nothing to lose).

And now that my goals are anchored by purpose, making tough decisions is a lot easier. I’ve accepted the fact that there will be tradeoffs right now while I’m hustling, and that it won’t always feel glamorous when I’m adopting the habits and mindset of a winner. And that’s the point.