This weekend, there’s an event called HACKFit taking place in Boston.

I found out about the event through a flyer at the office, and I shared it with my friend John whose life already embodies the ethos of the event. A few conversations later, it was decided that John would come up for the event and since I couldn’t exactly leave him with a “cool, have fun” at that point…I’ll be in the number as well (smile).

I don’t have any interest in launching a fitness startup, but one of the ways I stay sharp and creative is by exposing myself to experiences that are tangentially or un-related to my career and expertise.

Plus the event looks like a lot of fun, and stepping away from the keyboard every once in a while is apparently good for you.

So I’ll be there with a couple friends (Samantha is going to make sure I don’t end my life during the rock climb that I’m excited about) and if you’re in the area, you should come say hi.

[And don’t tell anyone, but I might steal away to check out Comedy Hack Day as well.]