Revolutionary execution


I’m sure you know people who say things like this:

“I’m going to learn PHP this year.”

“I really need to lose some weight.”

“My new goal is $20,000 in revenue per month.”

(Not your friends of course, but perhaps people who look like your friends.)

The truth is that most people completely avoid the hard work of making changes by talking about the changes they’d like to make.

When I quit my job (as I told my friends I wanted to do) and started freelancing, one of my mentees acted as if I had called an audible and joined the circus.

When pressed (since my intention to quit was clear for months), he replied, “I know you said you were going to do it, but most people don’t do the things they say they’ll do.”

In an age of hype, over-promising, and under-delivering, simply following through on the things you say you’ll do becomes revolutionary.