Unflinching where it counts


I left my job in April of 2010 on my own terms, with a bitter distaste for traditional employment in my mouth.

It would have been easy to say, “no jobs again, ever” after that experience, as I was able to support myself through freelancing and consulting at that point.

But I wouldn’t have gotten hooked up with The Domino Project, an opportunity that altered the course of my life (in a good way). It changed the way I think about fear and projects and teams.

I also wouldn’t have been able to take on my role with W3 EDGE, an opportunity that’s further shattering my ideas about how a business is run, how to be an executive, and how to deal with problems.

Invaluable experiences.

Both critical to my development and professional trajectory, and both would have been missed had I foolishly clung to an unhelpful and immature mindset about freedom and employment.